Folklore in the context of modern culture


Obodon Adizova


The widespread public attention to folklore today is an indicator that the fate of folklore and the fate of culture are inseparable. In a fully functioning culture, the oral component is an indispensable component. In this sense, the question of the role of folklore as one of the important stimulus for the development of modern culture deserves the closest consideration. The article is devoted to the study of the theory and methodology of the linguistic analysis of the folklore text. When studying the vocabulary, baits were taken into account, dedicated to some historical events or personalities, describing the dramatic fate of women or personal tragedies. The use of verbs in fairy tales and baits has its own peculiarities. The verb is a rather complicated part of speech in the Turkic languages. Interesting story formation of this part of speech and its grammatical categories in fairy tales and


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Adizova, O. (2023). Folklore in the context of modern culture. ЦЕНТР НАУЧНЫХ ПУБЛИКАЦИЙ (buxdu.Uz), 35(35). извлечено от

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