Onomastic Interpretation of Anemonym, Meteonym and Shifonym


Muborak Xamidovna


This article explores anemonyms and meteonyms in French and Uzbek. Thoughts on their application and
lexical forms in works of art are given. Such words have a peculiarly complex system. Anemonym is a type of
onymas such as phytonym, shifonym (shifonema), pharmacophytonym, and that comes from the names of
natural disasters, including wind, hurricane, and flood. Information on their origin and development is provided
and these are scientifically based. The terminolexic of shifonym (or shifonema), which appeared in the scientific
arena as a unique new onomastic term, constitutes the embodiment of the terminosphere of medicinal plant
names. It is necessary to create their explanatory and hierarchical, ideographic dictionaries of semantically
correct scientific solution of a series of hierarchies of anemonyms, meteonyms and deopoetonyms in French and
Uzbek languages.


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