Importance of Teaching the Pronunciation of Suprasegmental Features of English


Zebiniso Yadgarova


 One fundamental and important aspect of language used in oral communication is pronunciation. The purpose of this essay is to emphasize the importance of teaching English pronunciation of suprasegmental elements. The suprasegmental characteristics include pitch, length, intonation, stress, and rhythm. Speech communication is the primary purpose of a language. Sequences of segmental and suprasegmental feature pronunciation make up speech. At the very least, clear pronunciation is necessary for effective communication. When teaching English to pupils in Uzbekistan, Standard British English (SBE) is frequently employed. Although it might be challenging to teach pupils whose first language is not English the correct pronunciation, doing so can help them communicate more clearly. In words, the correspondence between their spellings and their sounds is not always exact. In various phonetic environments, a spelling may preserve many sounds. The article's author has identified certain situations in which a speaker's incorrect pronounciation might result in misinterpreted messages. We must teach our kids the correct or standard pronunciation of English in order to prevent incorrect or incomprehensible pronunciation.


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