Baxtiyor Qarshiyev
Azimjon Parpiev
Ilkhom Sabirov
Kamoliddin Yakubov
Ibrokhim Ismoilov


The article is devoted to the process of drying cotton in the drum, and shows that the unevenness of the initial moisture distribution in cotton, fiber, is the main factor influencing the
uneven construction of the seed. The effect of drying temperature on cotton, fiber and seed moisture was determined and their regression equations were obtained. It was found that the initial moisture differences of the cotton components were significantly greater and that the possibility of minimizing them at the expense of changing the drying temperature was very low. The amount of moisture separation from cotton, seeds and fibers at different drying temperatures was determined
and analyzed.The average construction rates and moisture release rates of the cotton components were determined, and the nature of the exposure to the drying temperature and the average construction rates of the cotton and seeds were found to be almost the same.It has been shown that the rate of fiber construction is lower than the rate of cotton and seeds when the drying temperature is up to 160 0C, and the reasons for this are shown. The formula for determining the moisture
content of the seeds was given. It was recommended to take fiber and fiber moisture as indicators of the moisture content of cotton in technological processes. 


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Qarshiyev, B., Parpiev, A. ., Sabirov, I. ., Yakubov, K. ., & Ismoilov, I. . . (2024). THE EFFECT OF DRUM DRYING TEMPERATURE ON THE MOISTURE OF COTTON COMPONENTS . ЦЕНТР НАУЧНЫХ ПУБЛИКАЦИЙ (buxdu.Uz), 46(46). извлечено от

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